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» » » » » » » Hon. Uche Ekwunife: The Mobiliser on the move
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Blazing comets are rare, just like the Ijele masquerade in Igboland, they do not appear often. Importantly, comets herald the birth of a new dawn. They either intervene or influence the affairs of men as raging revolutionaries or as soothing balms, especially in a high wired leadership/political environment like ours. And Iyom Uche Ekwunife, by the special grace of God, is on the move to confirm that, come March 28, 2015, when the good people of Anambra Central Senatorial Zone will speak with one voice by voting her as their Senator.
This is not so much for any conscious effort on her part, but due in large part an irresistible quality to her person. Someone once described her as kindhearted and ever sprightly. The observation is perhaps right. It is the same good looking woman who, it is said in certain quarters in the rich Igbo tradition will not ignore even a day old toddler at a function.
Only God knows what would spur her to lock horns with anyone under any circumstance. Yes, Uche shares peace with the dove. Argument and malice, have no place in her lifestyle. She loathes controversy, while she relates with all with the deepest respect. That, maybe, accounts for why many in the social ilk are not surprised that she is well loved by the majority who see her election to the senate as the best form of thanking her for providing them with the much needed dividends of democracy through quality representation at the House of Representatives.
Saturday, March 28, 2015, the much awaited day, the Nigerian electorate will go to the polls to elect their representatives at the National Assembly and Presidency. The day that the 36 states of Nigeria will have the opportunities to change their destinies for good or for bad by voting the right or wrong persons as lawmakers and president.
The day Ndi Anambra Central Senatorial Zone, with their votes, will replace Senator Chris Ngige with Hon. Uche Ekwunife and join her in victory to confer on Chief Victor Umeh, the new Chieftaincy title of OTIGBU DIMKPA NWANYI NA ETIGBU (the conqueror of great one that is conquered by a woman).
One of the fundamentals of playing politics is an honest self-evaluation and the ability to read and understand the times. But, goaded by vainglory and praise singers, and in spite of his role in the crises tearing APGA apart, Umeh went into political contest, a venture he stands no chance of winning.
This could be better understood in the words of our forefathers that “when a figurine, formed of wet clay, seeks a public exhibition of self-induced personal humiliation, it earnestly pleads to be taken to the river for a bath”.
Umeh once said he built APGA, made Peter Obi Governor of Anambra State, made Rochas Okorocha that of Imo State, nurtured Chief Reagan Ufomba and the Agbasos into political relevance. But my question to him is: how would he actualize his senatorial ambition against the ‘Hurricane’ called Hon. Dr. Uche Ekwunife that has continued to sweep the entire Anambra Central Senatorial zone with hundreds of thousands of supporters who besiege her home and campaign office on daily basis, flashing their voters card as the magic wand in apparent show of support.
As I write about Iyom, it reminds me of Hon. Barr. Egwuoyibo Okoye, two term member Anambra State House of Assembly and former Transition Chairman, Nnewi South Local Government Council, Anambra State.
The reason is not far-fetched, apart from the lawyer/politician being an experience politician, he too is contesting for Nnewi South Constituency II seat, Anambra State House of Assembly come April 11, 2015. He has always been a very serious leader who plays issue-base politics and like Ekwunife, he operates an open door policy with massive grassroots followership that won him the accolades of the young, old and large hearted in the society, who celebrate his accomplishments with glee, but he is humble enough to understand that the glory belongs to God.
Finally, Victor Umeh should, like every good sportsman, know when the game is over. He may put up a last ditch effort to save the situation and avoid defeat by reversing the ugly trend of events. But, in truth, he knows the game is up.
The recent change of the general elections date to fall in Easter period is propitious and not accidental. It is arranged by fate so that we may be instructed by the eternal and not be obstructed by the banal. It is a circumstance brought by destiny for good governance and a brighter, rewarding future.
In the light of this development, on Saturday, March 28, and Saturday, April 11, 2015 the wheat will finally be separated from the chaff. All the razzmatazz that we are being treated to will give way to reality. The elections will be conducted and winners emerge. And all the indices seem to point in the direction of Iyom Uche Ekwunife.

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